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Using Your API Key

Your API key is required for every request made to access content for your App. It should be passed as the "X-Niftory-API-Key" header. In addition, you'll receive a secret key, which provides full access to privileged actions on your behalf (minting, setting up wallets, querying users, etc). This should be passed in as "X-Niftory-Client-Secret"
This key identifies your application. It can be used on its own for any operation you'd want anyone visiting your application to be able to perform without logging in, like querying NFTs.
The API Key alone cannot be used to query any user or sensitive app data or perform any mutations. For that, see Types of Authentication.

Get Your Keys

Go to the Niftory Admin Portal and follow these steps:
  1. 1.
    You should automatically be redirected to the Your App page. If not, click on your User Profile, and select App.
  2. 2.
    Click Setup and Get Keys to get all of your secrets and start building. You're all set to go!
Niftory API Keys

Using Your API Keys