Create Your First NFT


To start creating an NFT, go to the Collections view of your Admin app. Here, you'll see all of your Sets of NFTs, which are primarily a way to organize your NFT Collection. Under Sets, you'll see your Collectibles, which are essentially templates for all of the NFTs that are being made. This template contains all of the metadata and everything for everyone of the NFTs.

Let's say I want to create 100 of an NFT. I'll create one Collectible (i.e. the template) and each of the 100 NFTs will use the same data from this Collectible. They'll all have their own serial number so you know which one is which.

With Niftory, creating NFTs is easy! You don't need any code to define your NFT and any non-technical person on your team should be able to do it.

Of course, if you prefer - you can always create and mint via APIs instead.

Sets and Collectibles

To create a Set, simply add in a name and any other metadata that you'd like the set to have. After you're done, click into the Set that you've just created to see your collectibles Now, to the main part - creating Collectibles. There are a few defined fields that you'll need to fill out to define your Collectible. This is as easy as filling out a few fields and uploading your content.

When you've created this Collectible, it's immediately ready to mint or transfer via our APIs.

Developer Note: Collectibles are referred to as NFT Models in the API.

See Sets and Collectibles for a deeper dive on each of these concepts.

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