Your Niftory Account

Ready to create your own app?

To get started with your own application, let's get your Niftory API Keys! Login to the Niftory Admin Portal to create an account and follow these steps:

  1. You should automatically be redirected to the Your App Page. If not, click on your User Profile, and select App.

  2. Click Setup and Get Keys to get all of your secrets and start building. You can start calling the API now against your own application, but blockchain actions will require a contract, which takes one more step.

  3. Select a name for your contract and hit Deploy Contract. Your smart contract will be created under a brand new blockchain address for your app. Now, you can run blockchain actions

Now you're ready to build your own - we recommend you start with the Niftory Sample App to get the basics set up!

Learn about your Smart Contract

When you start with Niftory, the platform automatically deploys a robust smart contract for you to build with. This smart contract gives you everything you need to mint NFTs and much more. Before you do any blockchain actions, you'll simply need to name and deploy your smart contract. Don't worry - this is very easy. Just give your Smart Contract a name, hit the Deploy button and after 30 seconds, you should see that your smart contract is ready. You can always view your contract, the address, source code or anything else πŸŽ‰

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