Explore the Sample App

Start with cloning the Sample app to get started quickly:

This sample includes everything to get your app off the ground πŸš€

  • πŸ”Authentication: Easily plug-in Niftory Auth to get access to users, their profiles, wallets, NFTs, and everything else your app will need.

  • πŸ’³Wallets: Set up and verify wallets for your users.

  • NFTs: Display all of the NFTs that a user owns and everything available to claim.

  • Claim an NFT: Mint and Transfer an NFT into a user's wallet.

Every step of the way, your Admin Portal will be updated to show you what's happening in your environment, including seeing new users signing up for your Sample App. We'll go over the Admin Portal in this guide.

Next, let's do a quick roundup of the entire API surface -- it's ok if something doesn't make sense yet. We will revisit them in depth as we explore the Anatomy of the Sample App, and again when we go over the Core Concepts.

pageAnatomy of a Niftory Appurlhttps://github.com/Niftory/niftory-docs/blob/sync/sample-app/niftory-sample-app/broken-reference/README.md

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