Setting Up Your Org

When you first login, you'll be redirected to a page to deploy your contract and setup your team. Don't worry - this will just take a couple of minutes :)

There are two key parts of what you'll want to do here:

  • Setup Your App: Here, you'll primarily name your Smart Contract. This can be your company name, project name, or anything that you'd want to be placed on the blockchain. Important: This Name cannot be changed after this step.

    • Developers: This page will be where you also receive any API Keys and Secrets you want to use from Niftory.

  • Add Team Members: Invite anyone that you'd like to join the team! All of these people will have access to create and manage NFTs for your app or project.

Your App

In this page, you can setup your smart contract and receive your API keys. For your smart contract, there's no coding required. We provide an automatic, robust contract for you to get started with immediately.

Questions about the API keys? See our API Guide.

Your Team

This step is very easy - to add a new member, simply provide their name, email and role. Right now, users can only be added with the Creator Role.

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