Niftory Admin Portal

The Admin Portal is your developer dashboard to manage your application—create NFT models, handle minting, and track analytics as users interact with your NFTs. Create your account at to get started

Core Concepts

The Admin Portal is organized around these constructs:

  • Orgs: The Org is your home in the Admin Portal. Everything you do in the Admin Portal, including any NFTs you create, gets associated to your Org.

    • Your Org contains your App, and is the place to go to manage your API keys.

    • Your Org also lets you manage your Team; these are people who also have access to managing your App and NFT collection.

  • Sets: A Set in Admin represents an NFTSet in the API. It is a bag of NFT blueprints (NFTModel).

  • Collectibles: A Collectible is an NFTModel in the API.

  • NFTs: Once you have created a Set, and a Collectible, you can mint the Collectible into NFTs.

Quickstart Guides

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