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Niftory API philosophy
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What is the Niftory API?

At Niftory, our mission is to
Empower developers, brands and businesses to embrace web3
The Niftory API distills everything you need to integrate web3 concepts like NFTs in your application into a platform that any developer can use.
Whether you are trying to build your own digital marketplace, or experimenting with completely new web3 use-cases we haven't even dreamt of, Niftory is for you.
Our platform will turbo-charge your time-to-market by abstracting away all the complexity, so you can focus on experimenting, iterating quickly, and building rich experiences for your customers.

Core Capabilities

  • Off-chain and on-chain data management in a single API, combining the reliability and persistence of the Flow blockchain with the speed and cost of traditional web2 data management.
  • User authentication using OAuth 2.0, as well as wallet management and verification.
  • Blazing-fast GraphQL APIs for querying, minting and transferring NFTs... and much more!
  • ...and all of this is built on scalable micro-service architecture and industrial grade data storage.

Our Philosophy

Niftory democratizes access to web3 by making it really easy for anyone, including non-blockchain developers, to quickly integrate web3 concepts like NFTs in their applications.
Here's why you should use us:

Niftory caters to the 99% of developers instead of 1% of web3 developers

Our API and platform is designed to be used by all developers, especially those who just want to integrate web3 content into their applications without the overhead of becoming blockchain engineers.
We don’t require you to deploy your own smart contracts, and our API is a normal GraphQL endpoint—you can be a complete beginner in web3 and still launch a digital marketplace in minutes.

Niftory is designed for the future

With everything being accessible through the Niftory API, you can bring your NFTs wherever you want your users to go. Your users can access these easily in apps, games, websites, and more so you can build a more compelling ecosystem.
Our API is blockchain-agnostic—this means you'll be able to use the same APIs for any blockchain you plan on using. We already support the Flow blockchain, with other blockchains coming soon.

Niftory synthesizes on-chain and off-chain resources on one platform

Many web3 APIs are built directly on the blockchain. This is not ideal, because sometimes you want to track information that shouldn’t be on the blockchain, like sales/analytics data, PII, etc.
Also, blockchains can be slow and expensive, so building responsive applications is hard if your primary data store is the blockchain itself. Niftory provides the ability to create off-chain metadata, and even draft all of your digital collectibles off-chain first, and mint on-demand when ready.

Build your first web3 app

Dive a little deeper and start exploring our API reference to get an idea of everything that's possible with the API:
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